A Snippet of My Manifesto

I revisited my passion today. I had to excavate my heart and dig deep through everything that’s piled in there, find my passion, and look it deeply in the eyes. It was time to reconnect with the one thing that I know for a fact that I was put on this planet to contribute to. 

This is how I know I have found my passion.

It is next to impossible to let it go. No matter how much else gets piled up in my mind, it’s always there, its presence always so strong and thick in the air. It’s nothing I can ignore. It’s nothing I can go a day without thinking about. It’s nothing I can toss aside. It’s nothing I can leave completely to be done by someone else. It’s nothing I can live with myself for abandoning. It’s nothing I can imagine going undone. It’s nothing I can die with a sound mind without having contributed to. 

I have honestly never felt this way before. I realize how melodramatic I sound right now, but I have an itch. An itch that never goes away, and most likely never will. My heart is rapt in attention to everything that has to do with my passion. I am attuned to it. When it changes, so do I. As it grows, I grow, too. It yearns for my attention, and I give it my attention, joyfully, sacrificially, wholeheartedly. 

I may not know the complete reason I was put on this earth, but I know for a fact that this one thing is a solid and real part of that purpose- of the bigger picture- and that this piece matters greatly. It’s powerful. In this space, ideas, possibilities, opportunities, avenues, and potential are all endless and promising. They are bursting with hope like ripe, succulent fruit hanging heavily from trees. And ME? I am bursting with this tingly feeling that I am more than capable to reach out and pluck that fruit. 

I am passionate about creating African-themed children’s content and brands. That’s a fact. If I accomplish nothing else with my life, let it be this: to have made my mark on children’s content globally, and have had the stories of the African child’s experience represented beautifully, colorfully, vividly, happily, optimistically and diversely in that content.

For dignity.

For peace.

For knowledge.

For self-love.

For understanding.

For fun.

For smiles.

For love. 

That, for now, is a snippet of my manifesto.